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Has the right time come to replace your roofs and repair your sidings? Maybe yes, if your roof and sidings have worn out with time. Since they perform as a defensive layer for your home, you should never compromise on the quality of your roof and siding.

If there are slight fractures or signs of burning out of the roof, you need to call top builders like that of MITE HOME in Chicago. MITE HOME contractors are highly qualified that provide positive solutions and apply cost-effective procedures. Our solutions help your roofs and sidings work for years.

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What are Roofing and Siding?

Ever heard of first-line defense for a home? The roofing and siding of a house are first-line guards against inimical environmental factors. Either rain comes up or the wind strikes, but your roofing and siding religiously protect the inside of your home against them.

To help you understand the concepts of both roofing and siding, let me define both terminologies.

What is roofing?

Roof refers to the external surface covering the area of the home. All the other materials supporting it can be included as a component of it. Every home has a roof as an integral component.

What is Siding?

Siding is what protects the foundation of your walls. Without it, water and snow would eventually decay the entire exoskeleton of your home. It is essential this is installed properly so your home not only looks great but is protected from the elements for decades to come. When your siding is either too old or isn’t doing its job, then it’s crucial you replace it immediately before more damage is done. This is when you should call MI-TE Home Improvement for a free quote!

What are the different types of Roofing and Siding?

You should not rely only on the simple facts about the roofing and siding. Instead, do some research, understand which one is better, and discuss with top contractors like at MITE HOME. Roofing and siding of a home involve different types, duration of work, and longevity of materials. Let’s have a look at Chicago roofing and siding types.

Asphalt Shingles:

One of the most distinguished roofing materials in Asphalt Shingles. Across the US, you can observe these types of roofs quite often. Asphalt shingles endure unfavorable weather conditions especially heavy rains and disasters. The overall cost is low compared to other materials. But, they have a short lifespan as a major drawback.

Usually, after every 25 years, you need to replace your asphalt shingles. They are water-resistant providing extra security in heavy rainstorms and severe weather effects. Apart from that, they come in different shapes which gives you a wide variety of options for the external beauty of your home. However, living in Chicago, we experience dramatic climate changes that can go from below freezing to warmer in a single day. It’s great for us when it gets a little warmer but your asphalt roof does not like it. This causes the lifespan of your roof to go from 25 years to a mere 18 years. If your asphalt roof is 18 years or older it might be time to upgrade!

Wood Shingles:

Are wood shingles best for roofing? Simple answer, yes. They have a longer life span and unusual texture making your home more appealing. They catch the sight of the visitors and compel them to admire your efforts. Easy to install and cheaper maintenance cost make wood shingles the perfect choice for home roofing.

Generally, they are manufactured with four types of woods— Redwood, Cypress, Cedar, and Pine. All of these are durable counting on the area and environmental conditions out there. The lifespan ranges from 25 to 40 years being more durable compared to asphalt shingles.

Slate Shingles:

Looking for an alluring glance? Go for slate shingles for your roofing. Slate shingles come in different colors giving a more attractive image of your roof. Its durability is incredible— A HUNDRED YEARS. What you have read is true “A hundred years.” It procures the following unique features that are less likely available in other roofs types.

  • Fire resistant
  • More durable
  • Water-Resistant

There are some drawbacks of slate shingles as well.

  • Quickly break on application of force
  • Very expensive

For long-term investments, this can be a perfect option for you to decide.

 Metal Shingles:

Metal shingles are another type of roofing material popular in the US. They have the following features.

  • Water-Resistant
  • Fire Resistant

In Chicago, there are sudden climate changes. Better heat conduction through metal shingles can help you maintain the temperature. Especially for heavy rainwater, the metal surface is seamless that prevents water collection. Quite impressive for homeowners!

With a lifespan of 30 to 40 years, metal shingles are more durable than asphalt and wood shingles. Metal shingles are not suitable for the areas where hails are predominant. Do you know why? Because the hails can put a dent on the metal surface.

Concrete Tile:

Still, contemplating about making your home roof choice? Consider concrete tile in one of the options. Different patterns, shapes, and colors make your roof more stylish and adorable. Concrete tile has more power to endure heavy storms and hails. Since storms occur more often in Chicago, concrete tile can be the perfect choice for roofs.

Plus point in concrete tiles is their use in past centuries for building roofs. Due to more stability, concrete roofs are worth the investment. Call MITE HOME builders to get your roofing done in Chicago.

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Why should you consider MI-TE for your next Chicago roofing and siding project?

Not a difficult decision to make when you know all the aspects of Chicago roofing and siding. Roofing and siding are an absolute necessity for homeowners. To prevent damage to homes, people install sidings in Chicago more often. Moreover, here is why you should go for Chicago roofing and siding.

Increase the Value of your home:

Everyone invests money in stylish home design. You know, why? Because it attracts the people and convinces them appreciates your efforts. Moreover, you can get the best price for your home when thinking to sell it in the future. To increase the value of your home, roofing and siding is a great choice for you.

Enhances curb appeal of your home:

Nowadays, it is no longer difficult to estimate the cost by skimming through the exterior of your home. Roofing and siding are the first materials on which the spectators settle their eyes. Proper maintenance and repairs of roofing can make it more attractive to the sight. Therefore, you might have observed, most houses in Chicago to be more captivating for onlookers.

Increase longevity of home:

Home relies on what? Its components, right? What if the components of a home are ineffective and quickly destruct? Such a house will not survive for longer periods. Moreover, roofing and siding act as a first-line defense to protect your home. By that means if there is any wind storm or heavy rain, siding is available to protect your home. Thus, homes work for longer periods due to reliable materials used in building them.

Protect your home:

Tired of hails and storms? Hails are quite powerful to destruct any material. However, some roofing materials like concrete shingles have enough power to survive. In addition, roofing and siding keeps water and other factors away from damaging your home. Isn’t it cool to act as a protective layer? Install the roofing and sidings with quality materials to protect your walls. For this purpose, you can hire A+ services in Chicago by Mite Home.

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What type of Chicago roofing and siding contractors should you look for?

Now, the main question is how you should get at the right contractor. While going for Chicago roofing and siding contractors, you must know about the contractors. If the contractor has some great features, it can be the right choice to make. However, here are some unique features of a Chicago roofing and siding company should procure.

Note: Mite Home contains all of these in addition to numerous others. So, make your right choice now to get the best out of our services.

Commitment to Quality:

As we highlighted different types of roofing and siding, it is no longer difficult to make preferences. But, still, you don’t know what a contractor knows. By that means, there are limits to the use of specific types of roofing and siding. Installation of specific types of roofs depends on the conditions of a specific area. So, roofing types change from location to location.

So, how should you make choice? Seems difficult, right? That’s not true if you have chosen the right Chicago roofing and siding company. In simple terms, you must look through the features of the company. If the team is hardworking and commits to work, this might be a good choice. Mite Home builders are very credible offering their customers different options to make the best decisions.

Skilled team:

The experience of the workers determines the quality of the company. Without skilled members, it is even difficult to decide on. There are hundreds of construction companies out there in Chicago. But, do you think which one is best? The matter doesn’t only end on whether they are best or not. Moreover, you are limited to choose only one. So, how can you land on a suitable company? Pretty good question that can help you bring in critical decisions.

To figure out this issue, you must keep a weather eye on the builders around Chicago. At right time, you’ll be able to approach the right team. At MI-TE Improvement, you get all the top professionals around Chicago that have experience of years.

Provide safety:

Safety from every aspect is your right in this case. Being a homeowner, you need to make sure you get the best out of your work. The right Chicago roofing and siding team will empower you with safety from fire and all types of damages. At construction sites, there is heavy machinery used that works effectively. Heavy machinery might cause several problems, such as fire. A good company necessarily provides safety from such instruments.

Mite Homebuilders offer you complete security from any type of damage. Still, waiting to choose them? Make your choice right now and work with us to resolve your problems.

Innovative Equipment:

Technology has improved everything and made things better. So, it is quite common to use heavy machinery today. What if the equipment is old enough or doesn’t perform as per demand? Problematic, right? So, you should determine whether the construction company employs innovative machinery or not.

MITE HOME builders contribute to the roofing and siding process with quality instruments. They apply innovative techniques and high-quality materials to enhance the longevity of the roofing.

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What services does MI-TE Home Improvement offer?

MI-TE Home Improvement is popular in Chicago due to their flawless services and commitment to quality work. They capitalize their customers with numerous services like door replacement and window replacement. Let’s have a look at what we do offer you in this regard.

Chicago Roofing and Siding:

Finally, we are here where we should be before. Mite Home construction company offers you top-quality Chicago roofing and siding services. The team members first analyze the place where you live and comprehend environmental factors. Based on climate conditions, we recommend which type of roofing is desirable at this location. This is a strong aspect of your roofing and siding in Chicago.

Window Replacement Chicago:

Window replacement Chicago doesn’t involve any rocket science if you are an expert at this task. Usually, when there is damage to the Windows, repair becomes necessary. In case if repair doesn’t work, we move ahead to the window replacement process. One thing, you must keep in mind, never comprise when windows have worn out. For this reason, you call us for your window replacement in Chicago.

Door replacement Chicago:

Has your door got wrecked? Why not go for door replacement services in Chicago? Our door replacement Chicago team is highly efficient to provide you with better solutions. To satisfy our customers till the end, we try to provide cost-effective services with high-quality durable doors. That’s why our past customers are now permanent ones. Maybe you can contact us to get a free quote.

Gutters replacement Chicago:

Gutters play a crucial role in the maintenance of your roofs and home parts. They prevent damage due to heavy rains and hails. Sometimes, gutters are outdated and not performing as per motives. So, what to do in this situation? You need to go for gutter replacement Chicago services. To deliver you productive services, MITE HOME contractors offer gutters replacement Chicago services. Call us now to get your appointment and let us examine your gutters.

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Why should you hire MI-TE Home Improvement contractors?

Hundreds of questions might be revolving around your mind. Why should you hire MI-TE Home Improvements construction company? Why not other companies? So, it is common to ask such questions when you haven’t hired Mite Home contractors ever before. Do you know why we are famous in Chicago? Because we provide unusual facilities that are not possible with our opponents. Here are some major points in our favor that would assist you in making decisions.

Top-Rated Construction Company:

Being top-rated in Chicago with distinct features is an achievement for our company. MITE HOME construction company has achieved by serving top-quality services for the past 30 years. Here is what makes us top-rated in Chicago.

  • Top products selection for quality work.
  • A promising method for Chicago roofing and siding
  • A+ ratings on the

Employ Latest Technology:

The latest technology ensures the quality of work. Usually, a lack of the latest machinery directs to ineffective roofing and siding. For this reason, we employ the latest technologies. This increases our confidence and builds trust with our customers. For your home, we invest time, exert efforts, and implement innovative technologies.

Quality Work Assurance:

Our Chicago roofing and siding team members have professional training. With the practice of years, they appreciate how to work in complicated situations.  Whenever they encounter a difficult situation, they iron it out quickly with quality decisions.

So, before working on installations, we interpret different aspects and set our sights on how to get the unmatchable work. Quality work assurance to the clients makes us credible among our past clients.

Affordable Rates:

Budget is a major problem for everyone. Sometimes, the roofing and siding are expensive because of the expensive material. In such a case, the customer falls short of budget. So, what to do in such a situation? Alternative options, right? I suppose so when your funds don’t exactly fit the materials. We never leave you alone even if you don’t have a sufficient budget.

In this respect, we work smoothly and try to make the whole process transparent. In case of a low budget, we try to implement cost-effective methods. Usually, those methods work for longer periods and offer more flexibility. Isn’t something you are looking for? Hit us a call right now to get our specialists.

Professional Staff:

Experience speaks. It is easier for everyone to differentiate between the work done by a beginner and a professional. Professionals approach the work creatively and bring the solution for every problem. Even if the problem prevails, they have backup plans. That’s what you can’t expect from an amateur. Mite Home Professional contractors have experience of years with a skillful approach toward the task. You are just a call away from connecting with our team members.

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