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Full Roof Replacement Services in Orland Park

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Do we really consider our roof’s maintenance needs until it smells mold and springs a leak? Chiefly, not. But, if there’s anything that alarms a roof repair or a replacement, rush to hire Full Roof Replacement Services in Orland Park before time goes out of hand.

10 Roof Maintenance Tips

Full Roof Replacement Services in Orland Park

things to consider when replacing a roof

If you feel like your roof is kind of worn out and shingles are falling off, undoubtedly, it’s the right time to call Mite Homes. We will assist with a complete detailed inspection followed by full roof replacement services if needed.

You might be concerned about the roof replacement cost. Isn’t it? Well, you don’t need to because you can trust the services, reliability, and affordability as we try our best to work within the homeowner’s budget without cutting any edge on the quality.

When Do I Need Full Roof Replacement?

Most of the time, the roof needs a repair, and some other times, it utterly needs a complete replacement. There are plenty of signs that indicate now is the time for a full roof replacement. Things to consider when replacing a roof:


  • Your roof is more or less 25 years old
  • The shingles are worn out and curling
  • Entire shingle pieces are missing or cracked
  • A presence of granules in the gutter
  • Excessive mold, moss, or plant growth on shingles
  • Witnessing sunlight in the Attic coming through the roof
  • Entirely sagging and leaking roof
roof replacement options
roof replacement options

Materials Included in the Roof Replacement

There are plenty of roof replacement options for you to consider. Generally, roof replacement is carried out completely, and it includes the replacement of 9 components.

  1. Roof decking
  2. Roof flashing
  3. Underlayment
  4. Drip edge
  5. Ice and water shield
  6. Shingles
  7. Ridge capping
  8. Roof vents
  9. Pipe boots

Most of the roofing components and their accessories are replaced but the team might leave flashing and decking if they’re intact and still good.

The Process of Roof Replacement

Roof replacement might seem messy, but it can get along feasibly with Mite Home’s professional team. The process starts from delivering the material at your location and moving the vehicles out of the way if any.

An old roof is then torn off, followed by cleaning the gutters and installing the roof material. Finally, our team clears all the premises afterward and then keenly inspects their workmanship to ensure no errors are left behind.

The Process of Roof Replacement
Why Mite Home Improvement

Why People Prefer Mite Home Improvement

Mite Homes has been working in Chicago for years and has won many trusted customers along the way. At Mite Homes, we believe quality is not an act, it’s a habit, and we strive to provide quality services.

We offer all the roofing systems with a lifetime of workmanship warranty to assure you’re getting the best. We stand right behind our experts, professionals, and craftsmanship to make sure we are winning happy customers.

Mite Homes values nothing but its customer relationships and is keen to provide Full Roof Replacement Services in Orland Park. Moreover, you can get a free estimate for your roof anywhere, anytime.

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