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Throughout different neighborhoods and communities in the residential areas of Chicago and surrounding suburbs, as well as throughout commercial and business districts, property owners turn to MI-TE Home Improvement for all their commercial and residential gutter needs.

We offer a full line of different gutters styles and options to effectively remove rainwater from your roof while also enhancing the look of your home or business. In addition to gutter installation, we also offer gutter repair and maintenance services, which means we can continue to care for your gutters after installation.

Siding Installation

Chicago Gutter Installation and Repair

The team at MI-TE Home Improvement brings more than 30 years of combined service to Chicago homeowners in construction and home improvement services.

Using quality manufacturers of rain protection systems, we create and install seamless gutters to fit your exact home style and measurements. No need for long waits and custom orders to get the perfect match.

    Our Process for High-Quality Results

    The only trace we leave is a job well done!

    • Schedule your free estimate for an onsite assessment.
    • Review and approve your custom proposal.
    • Our team will arrive on time, as agreed.
    • We will deliver superb results, on budget.
    • We respect your property and keep a clean job site.

    Why Your Home Needs Gutters

    Protecting Your Foundation

    Gutters and downspouts control the flow of rainwater runoff from your roof and direct it away from your house. Soil expands when it absorbs water, and contracts when it dries out. The shape of your roof causes more rainwater to run off on some sides of your home than others, causing the soil to expand unevenly. This uneven expansion and the resulting contraction is the leading cause of foundation damage.

    Protecting Your Landscaping

    Another issue caused by rainwater runoff is splashback. As the falling water hits the ground, it impacts and displaces the soil at the base of your home. This harms any plants you might be growing and throws dirt onto the siding of the building. It also creates a depressed area in the ground where water can collect and stand. This is called ponding. The standing water is unattractive and attracts insects like mosquitos, termites, ants, and roaches.

    The Benefits of Gutters

    Rain gutters take the rainwater runoff from your roof and transport it away from your foundation, so the soil can expand evenly and your landscape can remain intact. They can also help you save and reuse all that water,  helping you maintain your landscaping during a drought without running up your water and sewer bill.

    Foundation repair can be expensive. A seamless rain gutter system may only be a fraction of the repair cost. Being proactive can save you from costly and tiresome repairs later.

    Get Your Free Quote Now

    We will come to your home and provide a free detailed in-home estimate for all of your gutter and exterior carpentry needs. Book online or call and chat with us at (773) 899-5490.

    Styles of Gutters

    When it comes to house gutters, there are several possible designs and styles. The choice of rain gutters should be based on the style of the home as well as the aesthetics of the given design.

    K-Style Gutters

    K-style gutters have a more modern profile, and they are ideal to manage the water produced in the heavy storms that are commonly found in this area. Our half round-gutters are also a good option, and they are a good match with tile and slate types of roofing options.

    Box Gutters

    Box gutters are the more traditional option in older homes throughout the Chicago and Orland Park, IL, areas. These are large gutters with wood frames and copper, stainless steel, or tin metal lining in the wooden box. These are very wide gutters, which have low maintenance requirements.

    Half-Round Gutters

    Half-round gutters are popular in historic and modern homes and buildings. They can be made seamless with aluminum or copper or in sections in paint grip steel. Many people find these gutters more elegant than other styles and are installed with 4′ round downspouts. They have options to be installed with hidden hangers or exposed brackets and with or without leaf guard systems. Half-round gutters hold less wanter than other K-style systems, but they don’t have problems with adequate drainage due to the size of the gutter and downspout. Contact us for gutter installation today.

    Seamless Gutters

    Seamless gutters offer the best leak protection as there are only seams at corners and at end caps. Typical residential and commercial gutter installation is with miter strips and screws, but we also have the ability to make hand-mitered corners, securing them with rivets, for all seamless gutter systems rather than using miter strips. This ensures a great seal at the corners and creates a more attractive join, much like a picture frame with barely visible seams at the corners. Seamless gutter options can be made for 5′ and 6′ K style, half-round, and box gutter systems.

    Gutter Installation Services for Homeowners in Chicago

    MI-TE Home Improvement installs functional yet attractive seamless gutters on homes all throughout the Chicago, Illinois area. Our seamless gutters prevent leaks with durable, long-lasting results. We install gutters in popular accent colors, and some of our gutters come in a paintable finish to match the exterior of your home.

    Gutter Installation Services for Home Builders in Chicago

    MI-TE Home Improvement’s local gutter installers are skilled in fabricating gutter systems on-site, providing seamless, turnkey residential gutter solutions for homebuilders and home remodelers in the Chicago, Illinois area. We install seamless gutters in a variety of materials on existing homes as well as single and multifamily new construction projects of all sizes.

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