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If you are a homeowner looking for a trustworthy roofing company, there’s a good chance your property has been damaged in a recent storm. Due to the severity of the weather, thousands of roofs are replaced every year due to hail and wind damage. These roof replacements are typically covered by most homeowners’ insurance policies.

A quality roofing company should know the “ins and outs” of the insurance claims process to best help the members of their community. If your roofing contractor is unable to explain your insurance claim in plain English, you may want to speak to an MI-TE Home Improvement representative.

Siding Insurance Claims

For many of our customers, a hail/wind claim is the first and last claim they will ever file on their homeowner’s insurance policy. Having a good understanding of this process allows our field representatives to best help homeowners maximize the return on their insurance investments.

If you have recently filed a claim with your insurance company, received an insurance settlement, or would just like to know whether it makes sense to pursue an insurance claim, Premier Roofing and our team of claims specialists can help. Call us today and a representative who is well-versed in the claims process will be able to help you in as little as 24 hours.

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How do I know if I had hail or wind damage to my roof? Can I tell from the ground?

If you have had hail in your area, we can only determine if the shingles have been damaged by close inspection of the shingles—this inspection must be made from the rooftop and must be done by a professional trained in hail damage assessment. If you have wind damage, you may see shingles on the ground or shingles missing from your roof but not all damage is visible from the ground.

My roof looks fine! Could it still be damaged?

Roofing systems must be physically inspected by a structural damage inspector to determine if there is actual hail or wind damage. Hail and wind damage is subtle in nature and may not physically cause leakage for years after the storm. Some would say that granular loss does not necessarily constitute damage to the asphalt shingles themselves. Some would say that the shingles are designed to lose granules, which is partly true. However, shingles that suffer accelerated granular loss due to hail and wind storms are decreasing in product life and performance. Granular loss that exposes the asphalt mat of a shingle constitutes damage.

What does a hail hit look like?

A hail hit on a shingle looks like a “bruise” or a dark spot where the granules on the shingle have been knocked off and the asphalt underlayment and sometimes the fiberglass mat is exposed. New hail hits will have a shiny appearance because the asphalt has been freshly exposed and has not had time to weather to a dull color.

My gutters and siding were damaged in the storm. Can you help with this as well?

Yes, of course. We are a full-service repair company. We can cover any issues you have that are storm-related including damage done to the interior of your home.

Why would my insurance company replace my roof/siding/gutters?

The purpose of homeowner’s insurance is to protect homeowners against losses in their property’s value due to damage that is beyond their control (Acts of God). If you have hail or wind damage, you have experienced a financial loss, in that your original investment of a 25-year roof (for example) has now been reduced to a 5-10 year useful life span. Your insurance company will compensate you for your loss and replace your roof.

Do I need to get my roof replaced right away?

The subtle nature of hail and wind damage is that it may pose no immediate threat to the structural integrity of the roof. However, many insurance companies have a “statute of limitations” of how long a hail or wind claim is viable. If you have experienced a loss such as hail or wind damage it is wise to take care of the problem in a timely manner before it leads to other associated problems. You should deal with it now rather than later when it will cost you much more money.

My insurance company denied my claim, so am I out of luck?

No. We have overturned many denied claims and can assist you through the process.

When an Insurance Adjuster inspects my roof, how do I know if he understands roofs enough to spot hidden damage?

The best results for the benefit of homeowner are obtained when an experienced roofer walks through the inspection with the insurance adjuster and calls to the adjuster’s attention any damage that he sees.

Will my insurance company cancel my policy if I file an insurance claim?

If your roof has any damage whatsoever, you have a VALID insurance claim and should file with your insurance company. Insurance companies cannot cancel your policy for a disaster-related claim.

If I do not file my claim, will my insurance company raise my rates?

After a disaster, insurance companies may raise everyone’s rates. By not filing your claim your personal rate increase is paying for everyone else’s damage except yours.

5 Steps In The Insurance Claim Process

Get a roof inspection from a reputable, local roofing company

If you have damage, make a claim with your insurance

Have your insurance adjuster and your roofer inspect your roof together

Schedule your roof replacement with your selected roofing company

Your deductible should be your only out-of-pocket expense

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