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It is pretty easy to see when your siding, roofing, or another prominent area of your home is in need of an upgrade, but do not ignore your soffit and fascia. They are just as important to the functionality of your home, and when they are not performing as they should, problems can ensue. Thankfully, there is a home improvement company in Chicago that would be happy to take care of any soffit or fascia upgrades that you may need for your home – MI-TE Home Improvement.

We are a family-owned and –operated company and will provide the high-quality products and services expected of one. There is no one better to entrust your home improvement project to, and our numerous happy customers would agree.

Why Choose Our Soffit and Fascia?

Both soffit and fascia can be made from a wide variety of materials, but the best option for just about any home in Chicagoland or elsewhere in the midwest is vinyl. Here at MI-TE, we offer vinyl soffit and fascia crafted by industry leader Alside that is guaranteed to be:

  • Durable – Made from vinyl that is thicker than traditional options, our soffit and fascia will stand strong in all weather conditions.
  • Energy-efficient – As vinyl does not absorb heat like competing materials, your home will stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter while relying less on your HVAC unit.
  • Easy to maintain – Vinyl is virtually maintenance-free, requiring just a simple cleaning from time to time to look its best.

What’s more, we can customize the color of your vinyl soffit and fascia to complement other areas of your home for a beautiful, cohesive appearance. And, if you want everything to pair perfectly, then consider having our vinyl siding installed, which will offer all of the same benefits of our soffit and fascia and more.

An Installation Worthy of First-Class Products

Whether your home is not complete without all of our exterior products or you simply need new soffit and fascia, you can rest assured that your products of choice will be installed flawlessly. We use only highly trained and experienced technicians to complete our jobs, many of whom have more than 10 years of experience in the industry. Each installation will also be streamlined, and as we are always upfront and honest about every aspect of the installation process, you will know what to expect at every turn.

Contact MI-TE Home Improvement today to learn more about the vinyl soffit and fascia that we can install on homes throughout Chicagoland and all of the surrounding suburbs.

Expert Workmanship

We lock in your soffit and fascia using all manufacturer recommendations to ensure that it will last for decades to come. This will also keep your manufacturers warranty intact!

5 Star Reviews

MI-TE has been around for decades and has loads of 5-star reviews. You can trust us to do the job right the first time. Last thing we want is to waste your time with unsightly repairs.

Attention to Detail

Our crews have an eye for detail. They will make sure everything is perfect from installation to cleanliness before we leave your home. Afterall we have been around for over 30 years.

What is soffit and fascia?


The soffit is the underside of the overhanging roof that is exposed. While both of these materials are used when installing a roof, this one, in particular, is used on the eaves of the outside of the home, closing any space between the home and the eave. It extends from the structure’s side all the way to the edges of the eaves. Soffit installation in Chicago is done between the fascia and the walls.

Hidden, it provides ventilation that fascia may not provide to the home itself. The material is usually made of either vinyl or aluminum, but wood can be used in some homes. The material is vulnerable to weather and the elements when it is constantly exposed, this means that if there is water flowing constantly over areas with soffit, they are likely to be damaged.


Fascia in Lemont is what creates a barrier between the roof and the outside air and weather. A smoother-looking appearance is what fascia creates, along with providing the gutters and pipes a point to attach to. It is an important part of your roof and gutters. It must be installed around the entirety of the structure and attached to ends that are uncovered on the rafters or the exterior walls.

Boards can be made of wood, but they may also be made of aluminum as well as plastic. Fascia is not susceptible to water damage the way that soffit is, but it may show signs of rotting if the material is wood. In which case it will have to be replaced.

Whether it is soffit installation in Lemont or anything to deal with fascia, at MI-TE Home Improvement we deal with these both and can provide you unparalleled services. We’re also your point of contact for fascia and soffit replacement in surrounding locations of Lemont, Hinsdale, Barrington, Oak Lawn, and Joliet IL.

what is soffit and fascia

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